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This page contains a list of scheduled road cruizes for the 2001 season.

If you want to go along on one of these rides, be sure to get in touch with the "Contact Person" for each event. 

Don't wait because time and motel rooms wait for no one!


Rock-a-Billy Weekend

  1. April 12 thru 15
  2. Leaving the 'Springs on Monday the 9th
  3. Heading for home Tuesday the 17th

People going so far:  Shane Savage, Dave Pareso

Contact:  Shane Savage for the travel schedule, motel information, and information on the events at the show! 

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Cruise Paso Robles

If you plan to go be sure to get your entry for filled out and turned in BEFORE MAY 15th.  If you don't have an entry form, right click on the picture of the form below, from the menu that pops up choose "save picture as".  Make sure to save it to a place on your computer that you can find again, like your desktop.

  1. May 25 - 27
  2. Leaving the 'Springs Monday the 21st and plan to stay the night in Albuquerque
  3. Tuesday we'll be in L.A. an will be touring all the "Hotrod Shops"
  4. Thursday morning we will head on up the coast to Paso Robles and will stay for the shows Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  5. Monday we will stay in and cruize around the Bay Area.
  6. Leaving sometime Monday to stay the night in Reno
  7. Tuesday there will be a night stop and visit at Bo Huff's in Utah.
  8. Wednesday, we will head on home to the 'Springs.

People going so far:  Rich Cordova, Janet Hackett, Dave Pareso, Nick Losoya, Keith Clarose

Contact:  Rich Cordova for more information!  You can also give him a call at (719) 271-SLED

Click the entry form to download a larger, printable version.

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Hot August Nights

  • July 31st - August 6th
  • We will be leaving the 'Springs by 12 Noon on the 31st to be in Reno.  We'll catch a show and tour the area.
  • Leave for home on the 6th and stop at Bo Huff's in the morning.
  • Tuesday we will get back into the 'Springs
  • Reno Car Museum!  Take a Look!

People going so far:

Contact:  Rich Cordova for more information!  You can also give him a call at (719) 271-SLED


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