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Dave Pareso

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Pareso, Dave

Dave's sweet '51 merc. 

Kar Name:           

Make & Model:  '51  Merc.

Color:  Pearl Tangelo with Pagan Gold, Pavo Purple, & Hot Pink Flames

Running Gear: Small block 350, Auto Tranny                             

Other:  Power steering, power windows, power brakes, Vintage air

Body:  Chopped 5" in front & 7" in the rear, pounded on the ground, Frenched 53 Buick headlights, '55 Chrysler grill, 54 Pontiac bumpers, '77 Ford tail lights, Killer Tunes, Neon lights, White tuck & roll interior

Be sure to check out Dave's new "RAT RIDE"!  

Dave now has a website for his shop!  If you want some hot flames like you see on his car, then you must visit his shop online!

Contact Information:
1 (719) 271-7533
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Contact Information:

Webmaster extraordinaire!  ;-D

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