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Woerth, Cory

Corey and His Cool Wagon!

Cory has one really cool Ford wagon!

Kar Name:           

Make & Model:  '59 Ford Country Sedan

Color:  Will have the top red with white striped, and the bottom will be flat black with red, orange and yellow flames.

Running Gear:  292 C.I. V-8 Y block motor, 3 speed tranny with over drive.

Other:   The interior will be red metal flake with white tuck and roll, a "Knuckle Scraper" floor shifter, Metal flake steering wheel, Firestone whitewalls, '55 Olds hubcaps & T-bird valve covers                                             

Body:  Lowered, shaved handles


Be sure to visit 'THE LITTLEST KNIGHT'.  He's a real Babe!  ;-)

Contact Information:
1 (719) 271-7533

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Contact Information:

Webmaster extraordinaire!  ;-D

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